Uncleshrek.. The begining..

It all started during hurricane Donna on September 11, 1960..Jeffrey was born. Born to a tugboat captain and a domestic engineer(house wife) Capt Les and Net, I was welcomed in as child number 9, yes the baby, I did rise quickly to become number 1(the favorite) where i’ve managed to stay for 51 year’s now, though number 1.. still the baby. it was rough in my house as my sister’s would dress you in a toto in a heartbeat and then my brother Kelly  Mac would rip the arm’s off my sock monkey for fun. yes real fun. I came up through the rank’s in Norfolk public school’s during a tough time of desegregation and bussing , school became something I never cared for very quickly, and I didn’t go as often as I could get out of it. Someday’s Net would drag me kicking and screaming to school , and by the time she walked home I would already be sitting on the porch..it was a battle for her, but then I am the baby boy , as time went on I went to school less and less and came up through the school of hard knock’s, delivered new’s paper’s for the ledger star for many year’s ( on a bike , not a car like they do now) and picked cuccumber’s on a farm with my uncle  Bubba one summer. Then the C B Radio became the craze and met a fireman who was a plumber on the side, and before long  I was sweating copper and setting toilet’s which i still do today. Even did some time on a chain saw  trimming tree’s all before i was 16. I was the baby but I was tough I guess .Time went on with this and that  and during it all I rode with my pop on the tug’s every chance i got and learned early on how to handle a boat, to navigate and to survive, then went on myself to become a merchant marine and worked in the tug’s and oil barge’s for about 25 year’s, I have an awesome family with a ton of kid’s, grandkid’s, inlaw’s and outlaw’s, plenty of cousin’s ,aunt’s and uncle’s and A whole ton of neice’s and nephew’s,, It was the second generation of neice’s and nephew’s  who with there wit and wisdom who named me , the baby,,,,UncleShrek,,,,



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